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Town Meeting 2024

Town Meeting will occur on Saturday, March 2nd at 10AM at 75 Hunt St. (BFA) with polls open on Tuesday, March 5th from 7AM to 7PM at BFA. March 5, 2024, is the Annual Fairfax Town and School District Election as well as the Presidential Primary.  The Presidential Primary is simply a party nominating process.  It is the ONE time you will be asked which party ballot you wish to cast as Vermont law requires election officials to ask for a party ballot and for your choice to be recorded by the election official per 17 V.S.A. §2704.  Do not be alarmed.  We do not register by party in Vermont, and you are not tied to any party if you choose to mark that party ballot on March 5, 2024.

Absentee Ballots:  Remember, absentee ballots must be requested by the voter for any election other than the November 5, 2024, General Election which will be mailed to all registered voters by the Secretary of State.  If you wish to vote by early ballot, call the Town Clerk’s Office at (802) 849-6111, or log on to my voter page at

Town Report:
The Fiscal Year 2023 Town Report is now online as well as available for pick up at the town offices and post office. See the drop down for town reports on the Clerk's page here for previous town reports.