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Burn Permit & Open Burning

Burn permits are required when ever you plan to burn piles of brush and/or leaves, such as when you are cleaning your yard. No permit is required for a small camp fire. During business hours a permit can be obtained by calling the Fire Station. After hours, evenings and weekends, permits can be obtained by calling Fire Warden Duane Leach(802-849-6174).

The Town of Fairfax does allow Open Burning, however there are State Regulations and a Town Ordinance regarding what materials may be burned, the size and location of the fire, along with other safety considerations. 

The Fairfax Fire Warden issues permits to burn natural wood products in accordance with the regulations set forth by the VT Department of Forest & Parks, however the VT DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) has Air Pollution Control Regulations that dictate what materials can be burned. Please click on the "Open Burning" header for more information.

Please read the information below to determine if you are required to obtain a "Burn Permit" prior to burning;

There is no fee associated with burn permits, the purpose of a burn permit is to ensure that citizens are informed about the rules related to open burning in Fairfax, and to inform the Fire Department as to when and where open burning - that may result in 911 calls from concerned neighbors or passing motorists, will occur.

Often a permit can be issued verbally over the phone.

Only natural wood may be burned. This includes the burning of; fire wood, leaves, brush, deadwood, tree cuttings, weeds, untreated lumber (such as untreated shipping pallets).

The following is a short list of common items that are Illegal to burn;

  • Paper & cardboard
  • Tires & other rubber products
  • Treated, painted, or finished wood
  • Tarpaper or asphalt shingles
  • Plastics
  • Garbage
Whenever you have an open fire:

  • Ensure the location you select is a safe distance from any building, or overhead hazards
  • Do not build your fire close to your property line
  • Make sure you clear away any combustible materials within a 20' radius of your fire location
  • Have a garden hose or other means for extinguishing the fire readily available
  • Monitor the smoke from your fire, extinguish the fire if it is going towards your neighbors house
  • Do Not leave your fire unattended
  • Extinguish the fire before leaving, or going indoors for the night
No permit is required for a camp fire (fire wood), which is contained in a fire pit, fire ring, or other similar containment device, provided the fire is 36" or less in diameter. Camp fires, with clean fire wood, do not generate the same smoke that burning brush and leaves does. Often when leaves are being burned, hot air currents from the fire will carry burning leaves away from the original fire, resulting a unintended fire spreading out of control.

A permit is required for any fire in excess of 36" in diameter, regardless of material being burned.

A permit needs to be acquired whenever burning brush or leaves, even if less than 36" in diameter.