Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

The Town of Fairfax adopted the Building Inspection, Code Enforcement, & Fire Safety Ordinance in December of 2016. 

Fairfax Rental RegistryIn order to provide Town Officials with up-to-date emergency contact information and pre-incident planning information for “Public Buildings” in the Town of Fairfax, the Town of Fairfax will utilize a “Rental Registry Program”. A Rental Registry Form must be completed on an annual basis for all residential occupancies that have a dwelling unit which is not "Owner Occupied"
As of January 2024, the State of Vermont administers a Rental Housing Health and Safety Program. If you have complaints regarding rental housing, including health and safety issues, please click here for more information or visit the State's website at:

Building Mounted Solar PV Systems
All Building Mounted Solar PV Systems installed in the Town of Fairfax are required to comply with NFPA 1 Code Requirements.

Prior to installation, a Solar PV System Installation Checklist and Plans must be submitted to the Fire Department for approval.

Click here for a pdf of the Installation Checklist
Click here for an instruction sheet for the Installation Checklist
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