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Buying & Selling Property

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT OBTAINING A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCYPrior to anyone living in the newly constructed home, a certificate of occupancy is required. A certificate of occupancy request must be submitted to the office at least two weeks prior to the date needed (usually the date of a real estate closing). Click here for the form. Please insure that all these items are complete in a timely manner before requesting a certificate of occupancy from the Zoning Administrator: 

  1. Visible 911 number – this can be ordered with the Fairfax Rescue and the form is included with this package. They will install.
  2. Culvert and driveway inspected by Fairfax Road Foreman (this applies to all drives and roads off of Town Roads). IF YOU ARE NOT ON A TOWN ROAD, state approval must be provided.
  3. Set back requirements met (the distance required from your property line, this is district specific).
  4. Waste Water and disposal system inspection and report submitted. (this is a letter from the engineer who installed the system stating that it was inspected, installed correctly and meets plans and state regs)
  5. Water and toilet working. The water MUST be on for the inspection
  6. Mortar applied around drain outlet pipe in foundation. If this is going to be un-inspectable at the time we visit, please provide a photo at time this task is complete.
  7. Electricity must be on
  8. MOBILE HOMES- need Bill of Sale, if replacement home we will need Bill of Sale for both homes or a letter stating the home was destroyed.
  9. All conditional Uses Met – these will be listed on your permit and may be specific to your property. It will ALWAYS include the VT Residential Building Energy Standard Certificate be recorded with the town prior to CO.
  10. Town Water/Sewer hook-up if applicable – this will need to be inspected and signed off on by the Town’s Water & Sewer Department prior to CO.
  11. Gate valve installed if applicable.